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📺 Going Pro: The Challenges & Rewards

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

Catch up on the latest episode from the Arkansas GIS Users Forum Educational Webinar Series with Going Pro: The Challenges & Rewards. Learn directly from two of the Arkansas GIS Community's own and gain professional insight on one of the most core topics facing GIS users today.

S1E5 | With ArcGIS Pro becoming more robust, and with ArcMap being scheduled for retirement in 2026, the City of Fayetteville has made the move to go Pro! With 50+ ArcGIS desktop users in our organization, this move is not without its challenges. However, the rewards of migrating have largely been worth it.

This presentation will detail some of our struggles, how we’ve overcome them, and the rewards we’ve come across in doing so. We’ve ported most of our core infrastructure over to Pro, but our migration from ArcMap is not over. However, we’re confident we’ll get there soon!

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