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New Year. New Opportunities.

The Arkansas GIS Users Forum is pleased to present Season ✌️ of the Educational Webinar Series, now +Training. In this premiere, we take a classroom approach with the Introduction to Python in ArcGIS Pro.

S2E1 | In partnership with the University of Arkansas Center for Advanced Spatial Technologies (CAST) participants in this class were provided with no-cost student login credentials for full use of ArcGIS Pro.  

This workshop is targeted at GIS users that are new to Python. No previous programming or ArcGIS Pro experience is required. The course will go through several programming exercises with example code, independent programming challenges, and tools to assist with Python coding in ArcGIS Pro. 

Particular functionality that will be explored includes cartography and geoprocessing automation. This course is intended to give participants initial subject exposure and exposure to practical use in the GIS context.

Instructed by:

Robert Kacir

Hosted by:

Brian Culpepper

Tina Rotenbury

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