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Our Mission

Subject to the limitations set forth in the Forum's Organizational Charter, and the laws and statutes of the State of Arkansas, the primary objective of the Forum is to advance a common goal by the various agencies and institutions of state, federal, county, and local governments to acquire, apply, and share Geographic Information (GIS) automation technologies to the productive and economic benefit of the State of Arkansas. More particular, but not exclusive purposes are in the following list:


  1. To promote the coordination of GIS research, development, and application to avoid duplication of effort.

  2. To promote the use of national digital cartographic standards.

  3. To encourage the establishment of a digital cartographic data directory accessible to the Forum.

  4. To promote a common datum system (NAD 83).

  5. To support data sharing within the Forum.

  6. To support the operation of a central clearinghouse for the dissemination of GIS information, including legal and technical material, Forum activity, resource directories, and glossaries of common terms.

  7. To operate in strict respect of ethical and moral community standards in the achievement of these objectives.


The Arkansas GIS Users Forum is an official non-profit organization in the State of Arkansas.  Our funds are generated solely from attendance and sponsors of our Biennial Symposiums and from the generous donations of our spatially minded friends.  So take just a moment and consider donating to our cause... just imagine without GIS who knows where we'd be!

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