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New GIS 🗺️ Job Opportunity


Opening Date: June 17, 2022; Closing Date: Until Filled; Classification: Exempt ($28.85 per hour)

Summary of Job Duties and Responsibilities: Under limited supervision, the GIS Analyst designs, implements, and modifies geodatabase table structures and associated metadata; operates GIS and CAD software, creates, populates, and maintains GIS data layers; analyzes GIS and other spatial data and automates reports and other outputs; develops GIS web services, mapping applications, widgets, and desktop tools; designs, maintains, administers, and updates the Pulaski Area GIS (PAgis) website and online mapping portal; and performs other essential duties as deemed necessary.

Knowledge, Abilities, and Skills:

Knowledge of GIS data maintenance and quality control best practices.

Knowledge of geodatabase fundamentals and design.

Knowledge of global positioning system (GPS).

Knowledge of coordinate systems and datums.

Knowledge of spatial data analysis theory and best practices.

Knowledge of relational database structure and concepts.

Knowledge of cartographic principles.

Knowledge of web cartography best practices.

Knowledge of research methods and techniques.

Knowledge of web site design best practices.

Knowledge of scripting and automation techniques.

Knowledge of Microsoft Windows client / server environment.

Knowledge of ArcGIS Desktop and extensions.

Knowledge of ArcGIS Pro.

Knowledge of ArcSDE and Esri versioned geodatabases.

Knowledge of Structured Query Language (SQL).

Knowledge of Microsoft Access, Excel, Word, and PowerPoint.

Knowledge of ArcGIS Server.

Knowledge of ArcGIS Web App Builder.

Knowledge of Esri JavaScript API.

Knowledge of HTML5 concepts (JavaScript, CSS, and HTML).

Knowledge of ArcGIS Online.

Knowledge of Esri Model Builder and Python Scripting.

Ability to plan and manage work.

Ability to create, document, test and implement scripts.

Ability to analyze data using geoprocessing tools and SQL queries.

Ability to create ArcGIS models and python scripts used for automation.

Ability to use and implement GIS Desktop applications.

Ability to build apps using the Web App Builder and JavaScript API.

Ability to read and interpret civil engineering drawings and maps.

Ability to read and interpret maps, legal descriptions and tech. specs.

Ability to develop and explain technical policies and procedures.

Ability to work independently.

Ability to use web design and content management software.

Ability to deal tactfully with customers.

Ability to analyze problems and procedures and recommend solutions.

Ability to maintain accurate records and compile reports.

Ability to communicate orally and in writing.

Ability to coordinate work with others within and outside PAgis.

Ability to extract information from written and digital records.

Skilled in operation of the ArcGIS Desktop and extensions.

Skilled in building Esri geodatabases.

Skilled in configuring web mapping services and applications.

Skilled in making presentations to a variety of audiences.

Skilled in documentation of GIS procedures and application interfaces.

Essential Functions:

Visually look at computer screen for extended periods.

Computer keyboard and mouse manipulation.

Eye and hand movement.

Sit for extended periods.

Special Qualifications:

Must be 21 years old or older.

Must have a valid Arkansas Driver’s License.

Must have a good driving record.

Minimum Qualifications: High School diploma or GED, plus (2) years of post-high school education in Geographic Information Systems or

related field, plus four (4) years of work experience in an Esri software environment utilizing ArcGIS Desktop and extensions to edit and

analyze data, Esri geodatabase development, and ArcGIS Server administration. Education may be substituted for work experience.

Desirable Qualifications: Bachelor’s degree in Geography, Geographic Information Systems, or related field, plus (2) years of work experience

building web mapping applications using Esri’s Web App Builder and JavaScript APIs, ArcGIS Online administration, as well as data

analysis and automation using Esri’s Model Builder, and Python scripting.

Work Conditions: predominantly works in heated and air-conditioned office. May occasionally work outdoors in favorable weather. May occasionally be exposed to insects, snakes, poison ivy, etc. when working outdoors.


All interested employees of Pulaski Area Geographic Information system (PAgis) are encouraged to apply and should request and complete a Request for Transfer/Promotion Form and an application in order to be considered for the position. Please contact Julie Kent at 377-1264 to receive these forms beginning on Monday, January 17, 2022 between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m.

Interested outside candidates may apply beginning on Monday, January 17, 2022 between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. in the Office of Pulaski Area Geographic Information System (PAgis) at 221 East Capitol, Little Rock. You may also acquire the application package from

All forms must be completed and returned to Pulaski Area Geographic Information System (PAgis) on Friday, January 28, 2022 by 4:00 p.m. in order to be considered for the position. All offers will be contingent on the prospective employee receiving a "passing result" on the tests conducted. A criminal background check will also be conducted.


Pulaski Area Geographic Information System (PAgis) is an EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER and does not discriminate in its employment practices, or any other activities, on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, veteran’s status, sexual orientation, gender identity, genetic information, political affiliation or any other status protected by law.

Job related written and/or skills evaluation will be conducted. 501-377-1264

Alex Harper – GIS Manager | Central Arkansas Water | Pulaski Area GIS |

office: 501.377.1253 | | 221 E. Capitol, Little Rock, AR 72202 |

Essential & Exceptional

CAW GIS – Empowering Others with HIGH-Quality Data

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