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📣 GIS Job Opening at First Electric Cooperative

Updated: Sep 30, 2020



I. Objectives

A. To perform various activities as directed by the assigned supervisor.

B. To provide assistance and support to the assigned supervisor and to keep the supervisor informed of the results being achieved

II. Essential Functions

A. General data entry and archiving

B. GIS entry and archiving

C. Digitizing and retrieving documents

D. Assisting engineering personnel with field work

E. Other duties as assigned

IV. Reporting Relationships

  1. GIS Supervisor

  2. Other department personnel as assigned

VI. Wage and Hour Information

This position is an hourly rated non-exempt position under the Wage and Hour Law and overtime compensation must be paid.




Must be a high school graduate and concurrently enrolled as a student in a post-secondary educational institution.


Experience using Windows OS computers is required. Experience with MS office, mapping, drafting or GIS Software desirable.

Job Knowledge

Proficiency in high school level math and reading is required. Must have a valid Arkansas driver license. Preference will be given to students having at least one GIS course or are currently enrolled in a GIS course.

Abilities and Skills

Must be punctual and reliable and can carefully follow verbal and written instructions. Must also be able to quickly become proficient

with the various software systems used within the Engineering department. Must have the ability to operate office machines, and to assist with field survey and staking work.

Working Conditions

This position is a combination of indoor work and working outside with varying weather conditions.

Please send a resume and cover letter to

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