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📺 Mapping Viticultural Suitability in Arkansas AVAs and Vineyards

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

S1E4 | Join the Arkansas GIS Users Forum as we host Mapping Viticultural Suitability in Arkansas AVAs and Vineyards | Presented by: Dr. John W. Nowlin, GISP, Assistant Professor of Geospatial Technologies at Arkansas State University.

By comparison to states with high wine production like California, New York, Washington, or even its Southeastern peers like North Carolina and Virginia, Arkansas is relatively unknown to the world of wine.

It is likely that this is somewhat due to its low population and remoteness from large cities. However, the Natural State does have an established wine industry and seems otherwise generally suitable for viticulture.

This presentation will situate Arkansas within the general viticultural suitability of the Southeastern U.S., describe the formal wine regions known as American Viticultural Areas (AVAs) & highlight the vineyards of Arkansas. This analysis will focus on environmental models of viticultural suitability by mapping relevant climate indices, soil properties, and topographic characteristics associated with Arkansan terroir(s).

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